Beyond Cost Per Use: Incorporating open access, Citation, and Authorship Metrics into Collection Assessment [Beginner – 2:05-2:35pm Central]

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Discussion to Follow at 2:40-3:10pm Central

As university libraries reassess their Big Deals, face shrinking collections budgets, and push forward open access, collection assessment has become critical. How can academic libraries ensure that they are providing access to as much content as possible with limited resources? Traditional methods of looking at collections through cost per use scenarios is no longer enough. In today’s complicated publishing landscape, libraries need to take into account journal impact in new ways.

The Montana State University Library and University Libraries at Virginia Tech are both land grant institutions currently using Unsub to incorporate open access information, availability, and usage into their decision-making processes, as well as incorporating citation and authorship information into various prediction scenarios.

This presentation will include a demonstration of Unsub, including an overview of what it is, how it processes COUNTER reports, and what can be learned from the data. In addition, the presenters will share their specific reasons for adopting Unsub at their universities and how they are currently using the tool to analyze journal usage.

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Location: Zoom Room 2 Date: November 20, 2020 Time: 2:05 pm - 2:35 pm Dr. Heather Piwowar Dr. Heather Piwowar Ellie Kohler Hannah McKelvey Hannah McKelvey