Our Purpose for Gathering

  • To empower one another through shared knowledge in a welcoming, cohesive, and inclusive community
  • To present work that is not yet finished
  • To explore ideas that will help us grow
  • To be inspired to do better in areas we aren’t expert in
  • To discover a “big dream project” is easier to reach than we thought
  • To advance ideas and processes more quickly
  • To be empowered to adapt each other’s ideas and solutions to our situation or problem
  • To connect ideas we might not have realized went together


2020 Theme

Intention and Serendipity: Exploration of Ideas through Purposeful and Chance Connections

Our library community is rich in ideas and shared experiences. The 2020 Forum theme embodies our purpose to share knowledge and gain new insights by exploring ideas through an interactive, hands-on experience. We hope that this Forum can be an inspiration to share, finish, and be a catalyst to implement ideas… together.