Planning Committee

The Core Forum Planning Committee is charged with creating and implementing the inaugural meeting of Core, a joining of LITA/ALCTS/LLAMA. The planning committee membership and subcommittee assignments are:

  • Berika Williams (Chair)
  • Jenny Levine (ALA Staff)
  • Chrishelle Thomas (ALA Staff)
  • Emily Morton Owens (Former LITA President)

Accessibility and Recording & Streaming Subcommittee

  • Ashley Biggs
  • Ashley Lierman

Programming Subcommittee

  • Cara Calabrese (Co-Chair)
  • Julene Jones (Co-Chair)
  • Cara Key
  • Krista Riggs
  • Susan Wynne

Sponsorship Subcommittee

  • Harriet Wintermute
  • Joanna Kimmitt
  • Galen Charlton

User Experience and Sustainability Subcommittee

  • Cynthia Schwarz (Chair)
  • Peggy Griesinger
  • Jessica Keyes
  • Chris Martin

Web and PR Subcommittee

  • Gina Costello
  • Krista Graham
  • Ali VanDoren