You’ve Heard of Distance Learning, But What About Distance Assessment? [Intermediate – 12:45-1:15pm Central]

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(New York)
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1:45PM – 2:15PM
12:45PM – 1:15PM
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Discussion to Follow at 1:20-1:50pm Central

What can you do when your normal methods of obtaining feedback are disrupted and in-person feedback is no longer an option? Whether you’re trying to reach a more diverse group of users who can’t attend in-person feedback sessions or reacting to a global pandemic, distance doesn’t have to preclude quality assessment. This session will explore options for both synchronous and asynchronous feedback when the users whose opinions you want can’t come to the library. We’ll discuss commercial and open source technologies intended for collaboration, as well as ways you can creatively use other common library technologies to elicit the kinds of rich feedback you expect from in-person focus groups, usability studies, and more.

Assessment Change Management Diversity and Inclusion Leadership and Management Problem Solving
Location: Zoom Room 2 Date: November 20, 2020 Time: 12:45 pm - 1:15 pm Anita Hall