Study of the Library Impact on Student Success [Intermediate – 2:05-2:35pm Central]

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Data-driven assessments in academic libraries that demonstrate contributions and relevance to student success, have become increasingly essential. Recent scholarship has documented a growing interest in identifying correlations or associations between the use of library services and resources and improved student academic performance. However, such studies have not specifically focused on the first-generation, Pell eligibility status and underserved student population. This correlational study funded by the ALA Diversity Research Grant 2019-2020 that I am currently undertaking targets at this particular student population at California State University, Los Angeles. Specifically, the study assesses whether the use of library online resources, participation in information literacy sessions, and material borrowing contribute to reduced course withdrawal rate, improved GPA, and increased retention among these students. Library circulation counts, electronic resource access via EZProxy logins, and students attending information literacy instruction sessions, are the three metrics to be mapped with the campus student demographic and academic performance data for analysis. The analytical results are utilized to examine whether there are statistically significant differences in course withdrawal rate, cumulative GPA, and semester retention rate among the targeted student population, who used at least one of the above library services compared to those students who did not use any of the services. A positive result identified by this study should further the Library’s efforts in integrating library use data into the campus learning analytics so that library use can become part of the campus overall intervention program designed for at-risk students among this student population.

Assessment Collection Development Data Visualization Diversity and Inclusion Evidence-Based Practice Problem Solving Services
Location: Zoom Room 2 Date: November 18, 2020 Time: 2:05 pm - 2:35 pm Holly Yu Holly Yu